At New Beginnings, we operate under the guidance and oversight of a diverse Board of Directors comprising 13 individuals from five local churches. Our board represents a wide range of spiritual gifts and professional expertise. We take pride in being a non-denominational organization, embracing the unity of the greater body of Christ.

Our board members make decisions based on the principles outlined in the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Through prayerful consideration and collective wisdom, they provide governance and strategic direction to ensure the mission and values of New Beginnings are upheld. 

Together, our board and staff are committed to creating a Christian community that ministers to individuals struggling with addiction, guiding them towards recovery and a renewed relationship with Jesus Christ.

    Board of Directors

    President: Ben Mullen

    Vice-President: Dustin Harper

    Secretary: Jesseca Ferreri

    Chairman/Program Director: Pete Ferreri

    Treasurer: Jackie Harper

    Board Members: Fran Martin, Lew Brackman, Mark Burlingame, Luke Dubois, Darl Brown, Nancy Brown, Lisa Kunzmann, Betty Thoren, Landis Zimmerman