New Beginnings Board of Directors

New Beginnings is governed by a board of directors made up of 13 people from 5 different local churches representing many different spiritual gifts and professional expertise.  We are  not affiliated with any one denomination, but rather the greater body of Christ.  Decisions are made based on the principals of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

  • 2022 Graduation

    Graduation with board members: President Ben Mullen, Director Dustin Harper and board member Betty Thoren

  • 2022 Graduation

    Graduate pictured with President Ben Mullen and Director Dustin Harper

  • 2022 Graduation

    Graduate pictured with Director Dustin Harper

Board of Directors

President: Ben Mullen

Vice-President: Dustin Harper

Secretary: Jesseca Ferreri

Chairman/Program Director: Pete Ferreri

Treasurer: Jackie Harper

Board: Fran Martin, Lew Brackman, Mark Burlingame, Luke Dubois, Darl Brown, Nancy Brown, Lisa Kunzmann, Betty Thoren, Landis Zimmerman