10 Steps to Freedom

Month One

1. How Can I know I Am a Christian

2. A Quick Look at the Bible

Month Two

3. Attitudes

4. Anger & Personal Rights

Month Three

5/6. Obedience to God/Man

7. Growing Through Failure

Month Four

8. Love & Accepting Myself

9. Supernatural Power

10. Graduation

What is it like?

Through our intense class schedule, our one on one biblical counseling and our volunteer programs, students will be empowered by the Holy Spirit and drawn nearer to God.  Students will be given the tools to not only maintain sober living, but to truly experience a New Beginning through a new life with Jesus Christ.

Students at New Beginnings are introduced to a host of churches that have opened their doors in support of this ministry along with a community that has embraced the work done here.  Many graduates stay and live in the Bradford County area and plug into a local church.