Restoring Body, Soul, & Spirit

New Beginnings is a residential faith-based program designed to provide a four-month journey of regeneration and discipleship for individuals struggling with alcohol or drug addiction. Our primary focus is to help participants overcome their addictions by cultivating a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ.

We firmly believe that through a personal connection with Jesus Christ, individuals can find the strength and guidance needed to conquer their addictions and lead fulfilling lives as active members of the church and community.

At New Beginnings, our approach is holistic, addressing the body, soul, and spirit of each individual. We recognize the importance of ministering to all aspects of a person's being, providing support and guidance not only in their addiction recovery but also in their spiritual growth and overall well-being.

As a faith-based ministry, we proclaim the ultimate victory over addiction through the transformative power of Jesus Christ. Our foundation rests on the belief that with faith, hope, and the grace of God, lasting freedom from addiction is possible.

We are dedicated to walking alongside individuals on their journey to recovery, offering them a safe and supportive environment to heal and grow. Through our program, we strive to inspire hope, restore lives, and empower individuals to embrace a new beginning through their faith in Jesus Christ.

New Beginnings Regeneration

New Beginnings is located on a 5 acre parcel of land nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of Leroy, Pennsylvania. It consists of a 4-bedroom home that houses up to 7 students. There is an outdoor in-ground swimming pool and a full court basketball court. 

Our Program Director, Peter Ferreri has spent the last 3 years leading and strengthening men in their relationships with Jesus. 

New Beginnings is also a Non-Profit Corporation in Pennsylvania, We have an IRS Tax Exempt Status under 501(c)3. All gifts to New Beginnings are tax deductible.